IMEDCO is familiar with the demanding requirements of all MRI vendors shield requirements and protocol. This familiarity comes with being in business over 30 years. 

Having successfully installed thousands of shields around the world, we have earned the respect and credibility of your companies because we know your equipment needs from a shielding perspective. We are an approved shielding supplier for all of you. We are familiar with your MIL STD and IEEE testing protocol and we understand how they have been adapted to this industry.

IMEDCO makes an extra effort to familiarize ourselves personally with your project managers. We serve as both a willing partner and a resource to support interests with the customer’s design team members. As in all other aspects of our IMEDCO services, we emphasize communication. Our project managers and installation team members keep your PMs abreast of our submittal progress and we request your sign-off before our shield packages go into production. We are there to coordinate scheduling to meet the contractors, end users and your resources during the installation phase and during magnet delivery.

Not every installation occurs without issues, but you can rely on IMEDCO to react quickly to concerns that do appear. IMEDCO commits to do whatever is possible to deal with changing conditions caused by unforeseen circumstances, in and out of our control. We promise to treat you as a respected partner and we are committed to help your customers realize the full capabilities of your equipment.

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