You have worked hard to find a way to renovate and add new technology to your radiology department and acquire a new MRI. Now that you have a way to fund it, you are able to turn the project over to either an in-house resource or a CM to detail how the new investment will turn into a reality and actually work, but that may not always protect your interests as well as you think.

Although the portion of the project relating to the MRI shield is not nearly as exciting or challenging as the equipment selection, it still could have an impact on how well your return on investment goals are achieved.

More and more, IMEDCO has been working directly with end users because they realize that the MRI shield packages are not all created equal. Further, specifications created by the architect are not always followed or, in some cases not inclusive of the all the capabilities available from the industry. Putting that decision in another party’s hands could limit, or possibly exclude, what you believe to be important for your department.

If you are truly interested in MR Equipment Performance, the Department Environment, Equipment Downtime, Safety and Security, Rapid Service Response and Upgradeability, you might wish to take a more active role in the selection process of the Shield Vendor. (MR Shielding is not just another construction sub-contract.)

But to do that, the first step is to gain a better understanding of how your interests in the above areas affected by the shield design.

Total product costs of the MRI suite is not limited to sub-contractor shield price.  MRI Shielding choices will have an impact on your lifetime costs and your departmental profitability.

Contact IMEDCO to get that understanding.  If you have to compromise in any of these areas, you need to know the impact.  In most cases unexpected compromises are expensive and very difficult to address once the project is completed.

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