When asked, General Contractors gave us these 5 reasons they like to work with IMEDCO:

  1. On-time delivery of specification-compliant MRI shielding packages that include value-engineered alternatives.
  2. Clear submittal packages that include complete and accurate drawing sets. The package also delineates IMEDCO deliverables and what is required from others.
  3. Delay avoidance planning. Unique to IMEDCO and standard in all our packages, we execute a site survey. This survey verifies that site conditions are in accordance with approved submittals. The information is submitted prior to materials shipment and installation date making it easier to address issues before they create delays and expenses.
  4. Effective communication. Our project managers ensure everyone fully understands site conditions and that IMEDCO has all pertinent information to design an effective shield.
  5. Keen eye for detail and what is necessary to keep the project on schedule. Our project managers keep the team briefed on issues that may arise. We document concerns so all issues are addressed before we arrive on site. This documentation can then be passed on to other resources or used as back-up in the future.

What is our secret? It’s actually not a secret at all. The fact is, all of our project managers are professional, former installers. That means they understand how to prevent events that can turn into major issues and have a negative impact on the budget and schedule. It’s the reason our general contractor partners are so loyal to us.

We’re proud of our track record with healthcare general contractors and invite you to experience the IMEDCO difference. Contact us today.

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