We at IMEDCO America do not feel that it is unreasonable for you to expect to be at the isocenter of your MRI suite planning and construction team’s focus. With your best interests at the isocenter of our resources and expertise, it is more likely you will be a satisfied customer.

IMEDCO knows MRI shielding is not just a simple 6-sided, one-size-fits-all-solution. The design requires a clear understanding of existing or planned site conditions, user needs, constructibility, and physics (radio-frequency interference, magnetic field containment and acoustic noise impact) and, of course, safety.

You are at the center of our process, from planning through construction, certifications and service after delivery. It’s not just our logo. Our isocenter is you.

As a division of the largest dedicated Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) shielding company in the world, IMEDCO America has an established reputation for delivering MRI (RF) shielding packages optimized for each individual environment, including the sale and installation of Ferrous Metal Detection systems.

Professional service and expert support is our trademark. And, we back all this up with the best warranties in the industry. 

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