Today’s architects are expected to be the one source for just about everything related to Healthcare Planning and Design. It is a daunting task, especially when it comes to understanding the requirements for Radiology and Imaging departments. MRI has always been considered one of the most complex, non-traditional set of requirements that must be understood and properly specified in order for the technology to perform as marketed. And when the need calls for putting equipment in or adjacent to the operating room environment, the challenge is even greater.

IMEDCO can assist architect groups, large and small, in not only understanding the physics but also in seeing how today’s shielding packages can optimize equipment performance and successfully overcome many of the negative environmental challenges facing today’s sites, whether they be hospitals, centers or MOBs.

We know architects understand the importance of collaborating with experts in the fields that can suggest and offer capabilities and products that will result in their design packages meeting or exceeding their client’s needs. IMEDCO’s MRI Shielding experience has resulted in pioneering and patenting radio-frequency and acoustic combinations that are predictable and readily available for the challenge of reducing noise disturbances that might otherwise be un-attenuated or more costly to achieve by other means.

Our latest designs include an innovative Pneumatic Seal II RF Door package that comes standard with “controlled access only” systems. For patients that need to remain on critical meds during scanning, there is the Pass Thru IV Waveguide that accommodates up to 4 IV lines and can be incorporated into the IMEDCO Pneumatic Seal RF door design.

In other areas related to MRI Shielding, we have collaborated with the leader in Ferrous Metal Detection Systems and have developed a way to neatly integrate these into the RF Door and Frame for Zone IV Control.

As a Service company, IMEDCO continues to provide healthcare architects ways to address the needs of the MRI equipment suppliers and the needs of the end users with innovative packages.