As a division of the largest dedicated MRI shielding company in the world, IMEDCO America knows what it takes to be successful in this challenging and competitive industry. The key is recognizing that we are a service business that can only be successful if we fully understand our own product, the needs of the MRI products that we shield, and the needs of the customers we serve. Those customers include architects, general contractors and their subs, but most important these customers include the actual users. Therefore we continuously strive to offer comprehensive shield packages. We make every effort to educate the customers on the optional features available and why they are important. We believe this understanding will assist them in determining which features may have the greatest impact and benefit on their department beyond the need for the traditional radio-frequency (RF) and magnetic shielding that is called out for by the magnet vendor. With this knowledge, they can then do the cost analysis to justify the advantages they want to include in their final shield design. As confirmation of our emphasis and commitment to service, we offer the best warranties in the industry. We invite you into our website to learn more about what we can bring to your project. We hope that you will decide that you cannot settle for anything less.


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