The architect’s role in planning for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) suites is ever expanding. It is well known that MRI suites must address significant, and growing, challenges that are created by a number of adverse events, unique to this modality. Acoustic noise, despite constant efforts by MRI magnet vendors to reduce or eliminate, remain one of these events as these magnets remain really, really loud both inside the room and also in the adjoining spaces.MRI suite safety is another event which can be improved with enhancements to operational elements like: training, screening, and patient-management protocols including secured access methods for entry.

Of course there is also the goal of coming up with the smart design. Conscientious and thorough prospective site planning can improve safety and create an environment that benefit patients, healthcare workers, and visitors. Techniques and resources for addressing these adverse effects are available.

Acoustics solutions that reduce the level of that sound as much as possible throughout the suite and dampening measures inside of the scan room itself are available from a variety of resources. Specialty consultants offer advice on whether the floor requires vibration isolation and whether acoustical treatments to prevent the equipment sound from negatively impacting the environment should be considered. Your MRI Shield vendor can also compliment these efforts by incorporating a variety of material layers and insulation within the shield itself. Some vendors even offer certified noise reduction values related to these designs. This is particularly important in Children’s Hospitals and Cancer Centers where there is a unique patient susceptibility to noise so minimizing noise levels is a design priority.

Overlaid on a safe and functional backbone that includes patient flow, the architect’s finishing touches and the use of aesthetics will make the entire design a success.

Four things to look for in an MRI shielding partner:

  1. Expertise in applying the physics of radio frequency (RF) shielding, magnetic shielding, and acoustic shielding while maintaining focus on safety considerations.
  1. Experience in radio frequency (RF) and magnetic shielding in MRI systems and offer meaningful warranties.
  1. Effective use of LEAN and green materials. Consultants who offer more eco-friendly, options including natural materials, better ventilation, lighting in a more natural spectrum, and as much patient control as possible of the personal environment (lighting, temperature, and sound).
  1. Brings this expertise to all the cross-functional partners in any building project.

A division of the largest dedicated MRI shielding company in the world, our patented best-in-breed designs in RF and acoustic shielding materials and methods provide impressive noise reduction. We design interior framing/furring, acoustic batting within all RF panels, and door and window high performance acoustic components – critical elements for successful clinical or research MRI applications. Our designs even include incorporating the latest Ferrous Metal Detection systems neatly into the door designs and special provision for IV entry into these same components.

It’s important to note, we don’t simply rely on structural designs. We know how to make acoustic solutions and dimensional space more cost-effective. Our solutions have been independently measured and verified for calculated acoustic level performance. This allows us to predict results and offer tools that architects use to make MRI shielding implementation even more effective.

Our focus on the human experience is what sets us apart. From planning to design to construction we understand the importance of the ultimate result: enhanced patient care. And we’ve got more than just thousands of installations to back us up – we offer the best warranties in the industry. IMEDCO’s comprehensive MRI shield solutions benefit all, and can further increase the architect’s value to his clients. Learn more at our website or call one of our consultants today.