There are few things in a clinical setting less complicated than the installation of an MRI. Let IMEDCO America help take the guess-work out of it to ensure your first results are your best results.

When a hospital or other clinical setting invests in MRI technology they are preparing to provide doctors and patients with access to a very sophisticated (and expensive) imaging tool that requires a highly specialized installation to ensure safety and optimal performance. The key to a successful MRI installation is the construction of a shield that prevents interfering RF waves from entering or leaving the scanner room. 

The solution to all this is the specialized construction of and RF shield that surrounds the MRI including the walls, floor and ceiling. This protective “box” is also known as a Faraday cage. A Faraday cage can be constructed from virtually any type of metal, including aluminum and galvanized steel, however, the most common enclosure is typically wrapped in copper. Copper is preferred because only a very thin layer (on the order of 0.1 mm) is required to provide adequate protection.  

IMEDCO America has supported the installation of MRI shields across the country and at many of the most respected and recognized facilities in healthcare. We have the experience and skill required to ensure that your MRI construction projects are designed and constructed to ensure safety, code compliance and optimum machine performance. Contact us today for more information.