MRI scanners have become significant sources of revenue for healthcare providers in the US. This is because of favorable reimbursement rates from insurers and federal government programs. However, the very high strength of the magnetic field present in an MRI session can cause ferromagnetic objects to be attracted to the center of the magnet. This poses potentially life threatening, projectile-related hazards to patients, radiologists and can cause expensive damage to the equipment.

To prevent this risk, Ferromagnetic Detection Systems (FMDs) are specially designed devices that can be used to detect only ferromagnetic objects.  FMDs come in a variety of forms and detect threats by monitoring the ambient magnetic field using magnetic sensors.

In the MRI suite, FMDS can be used to identify ferromagnetic objects and devices so they are removed from the proximity of the MRI scanner.

To keep patients from inadvertently carrying metal objects into the scanner, FMDS devices are used to identify ferromagnetic foreign bodies such as: cochlear implants, permanent pacemakers, shell fragments, and other metallic implants a 24 hour locksmith near me on

Utilizing an FMDS in the MRI environment is recommended by several influential organizations concerned with MRI safety, including the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the Joint Commission. In fact, ACR Accreditation for hospitals is soon expected to dictate use of the FMD in lieu of magnetic wands or paddles to find ferrous metals and objects on patients.  Many states have also already adopted regulations via Federal Guidelines Institute (FGI) that hospitals must use FMDs for their Zone Control.

There are many factors to consider when determining they type of FMD installation – including product warranties. Whether you are an architect, a general contractor or the end-user,  make sure the firm you choose can comprehensively evaluate and provide a recommendation that maximizes revenue potential while reducing risks.

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IMEDCO knows MRI shielding is not just a simple 6-sided, one-size-fits-all-solution. The design requires a clear understanding of existing or planned site conditions, user needs, constructibility, and physics (radio-frequency interference, magnetic field containment and acoustic noise impact).

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