“On time and within budget!” is just one way a healthcare general contractor’s performance and value is determined. Ultimately the true measurement of a successful installation is aesthetics and performance. So, it is critical that the general contractor choose subcontractors including architects and MRI shielding companies – who truly understand their role in the success of the project.More than most other diagnostic equipment, MRI suites present critical planning and construction challenges. On a cost per square foot basis, MRI suites are expensive packages. Choosing an MRI shielding subcontractor with a proven history of delivering cost-effective design can mean the difference between success or failure.

However, it’s important to look at more than just pricing when evaluating MRI shielding subcontractors. The right subcontractor protects your best interests, the customer and the MRI equipment vendor.

Price vs. value. When evaluating MRI shielding subcontractors look for a company that:

  • Practices collaborative project management. Understands that project profitability is directly related to scope coordination. Shield scope should to be clear to avoid overlap in both planning and site preparation.
  • Is committed to constant communication throughout the planning process, even including a site visit prior to start of installation to assure site condition meet the approved submittals – avoiding expensive delays.
  • Knows how to prevent unnecessary risk and damage to the MRI shield during construction.

Most of the work performed by an MRI subcontractor is hidden, with only the door and window obviously visible. But its what’s behind the walls, and invisible, that effect short- and long-term performance (radio frequency (RF), magnetic and acoustic).

As a division of the largest dedicated MRI shielding company in the world, IMEDCO America holds patents on best-in-breed techniques that combine layers of select materials in shield walls, floors and ceilings. We design interior framing/furring, acoustic batting within all radio frequency (RF) panels, and door and window high performance acoustic components. In addition, our MRI isolation designs provide impressive noise reduction.

Our focus on the human experience is what sets us apart. From planning to design to construction we understand the importance of the ultimate result: enhanced patient care. And we’ve got more than just thousands of installations to back us up – we offer the best warranties in the industry.

Be a better buyer. If you’re only looking at pricing, you may be costing yourself. We want to be part of your team. Learn more at our website or call one of our consultants today.