When siting an MRI, the starting point of every plan is the magnet Iso-center. The magnet vendor, user, architect, contractor, and shielding vendor will base all MRI planning around the Iso-center location. Its placement is the key to the success of the site, the department, and the suite environment. Likewise, the team involved in your MRI suite project should keep you and your facility’s needs and goals in mind throughout the design process.

Before starting your new or upgrade MRI installation, make sure your team has you at their Iso-center  IME_Isocenter_logo_black.


The RF Shield selected for your MRI is a crucial part of the package required by the MRI vendor in order to make the system perform as expected.

While radio frequency shielding is mandatory, just like the MRI equipment itself, not all shielding products are alike. It is true they must provide the basic shielding properties, or the equipment will not function properly. But, MRI shielding can also offer other capabilities and features that may be valuable. For example:

◎  Noise-dampening techniques—that are effective and economical—within the shield design

◎  The latest Ferrous Metal Detection systems can be completely integrated into Zone IV entryways

◎  And that critical meds can be maintained and not disconnected from the patient while still attached to non-compatible MRI injectors and anesthesia equipment that can be kept outside the MRI suite

◎  And, that the best vendors offer lifetime and extended warranties


Qualified RF shielding contractors will proactively help identify and address a variety of functional considerations that otherwise may not be recognized until your MRI is operational – and how to affordably avoid them during the planning and construction phases. Your team should work closely with you to help craft a plan to achieve the business outcomes you need.

We at IMEDCO America feel it is not unreasonable for you to expect to be at the Iso-center IME_Isocenter_logo_black of your MRI suite planning, design and construction. We help you understand what is available, the optimal features to ensure the quality of the environment –– all with a focus on the critical priority of safety. We understand your MRI suite is also essential to your department’s profitability. (Part 3 of this series will focus more on profitability.)

As a division of the largest dedicated Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) shielding company in the world, IMEDCO America has an established reputation for delivering MRI (RF) shielding packages optimized for each individual environment, including the sale and installation of Ferrous Metal Detection systems.

Over the past three decades, we’ve built a reputation for professional service and expert support. And, we back all this up with the best warranties in the industry. Learn more at our website <www.imedco.net> or call us today 317.773.8500.

It’s not just our logo. Our IME_Isocenter_logo_black is you.

This is the second in a 4-part series focusing on the critical role that you, as an imaging director, play in successful MRI suite design and construction capabilities and features. If you missed Part I, click here: Part I: Select The Right MRI Package

And, watch for Part 3 coming soon: What Imaging Directors Need To Know About MRI Shielding And Profitability