Choose The Right MRI Package For Your Objectives. You should be the Iso-center IME_Isocenter_logo_black.

This is the first in our 4-part series highlighting the critical role imaging directors play in successful MRI suite design and construction projects.

The Iso-center IME_Isocenter_logo_black. The critical reference point. It’s not just the starting point for your MRI suite design and construction. It is also the way you should be viewed by every consultant, provider, contractor, and service resource involved in your MRI suite project.

Expertise can serve as a powerful and practical resource, but it must be used in the proper context, or else it can distance your MRI suite construction team from you –– the one they need to understand.

Before starting your new or upgrade MRI installation, make sure your team has you at their Iso-center IME_Isocenter_logo_black



The design of a facility, including its technology and equipment, creates a physical environment
in which caregivers provide services. No one understands the unique characteristics of your facility like you do. Proper MRI siting requires a number of complex factors to come together. Understanding MRI siting requirements and how the right choice of package can impact your hospital or medical center is not as simple as it may seem.


It’s important that your team understand your metrics of success, including image quality, throughput potential, patient experience, and efficient staffing, just to name a few. These aren’t questions to be asked after your suite is complete –– they should shape how your MRI suite is built to begin with.

By working with you on referrals, scheduling, staffing, and your customer experiences, your team will help craft a plan that takes the guesswork out of a long list of related decisions.

With a practice plan in place that addresses the full range of inputs and desired outcomes, your team is ready to start designing an effective, efficient, and attractive MRI suite.

We at IMEDCO America do not feel that it is unreasonable for you to expect to be at the Iso-center IME_Isocenter_logo_black of your MRI suite planning and construction team’s focus. With your best interests at the Iso-center of all resources and expertise, it is more likely you will be a satisfied customer.

IMEDCO knows MRI shielding is not just a simple 6-sided, one-size-fits-all-solution. The design requires a clear understanding of existing or planned site conditions, user needs, constructibility, and physics (radio-frequency interference, magnetic field containment, and acoustic noise impact) and, of course, safety. You are at the center of our process, from planning through construction, certifications, and service after delivery.

Professional service and expert support is our trademark. And, we back all this up with the best warranties in the industry. Learn more at our website <> or call us today 317.773.8500.

It’s not just our logo. Our IME_Isocenter_logo_black is you.

Watch for the second in our 4-part series: The Imaging Director’s role in selecting the right capabilities and features for your MRI Suite.