The Iso-center IME_Isocenter_logo_white. The critical reference point. It’s not just the starting point for your MRI suite design and construction. It is also the way you should be viewed by every consultant, provider, contractor, and service resource involved in your MRI suite project.

Total product cost of the MR suite is not limited to lifetime equipment costs. MR shielding choices can affect imaging department profitability by unexpectedly increasing repair and downtime costs.

Your MR department relies on optimal performance of your MR equipment and RF shield. As you do diligence on your MR equipment vendors, you should also do diligence on your RF Shield vendor to make sure you understand their qualifications and working style.  Your shielding company is a a group with whom you will work during planning, construction and long into the future. This selection can have a significant affect on your department’s success and profitability. Below are the top four things you should consider when evaluating an MR shielding contractor.

This is the third in a 4-part series focusing on the critical role that you, as an imaging director, play in successful MRI suite design and construction.



Addressing RF shield performance issues after start-up can be costly. Post-installation repairs to solve RF leakage and reduce noise disturbance results in MR equipment downtime and lost revenue. It is important to choose an MR shield vendor with an established reputation for reliable and proven designs to maximize this critical revenue stream.


Budget is often the starting point when planning a new or refurbished MR suite. At this point, economical or cost-cutting options may seem reasonable. However, it is important to analyze and understand the effect these choices may have on structural liabilities down the road. The best MR shielding vendors will help you understand how various product selection could affect uptime and profitability.


Service-after-construction is something that needs to be considered when selecting your MR shielding vendor. It is crucial to choose a company that will be there when you need them. When service is required, you need a company that responds quickly and works cooperatively with all parties to troubleshoot solve the problem so your facility is up and running –– quickly.


When considering an MR equipment upgrade, make sure your MR shield will continue providing the necessary RF protection that your new equipment requires –– and that it will perform as your needs evolve. Consult with an experienced MR shielding vendor to have your MR shield evaluated. They will advise you how to avoid unexpected replacement expenses and recommend highly reliable shield packages that lower your upgrade costs.

IMEDCO America has been shielding MR suites since 1987. We design and install shielding packages for optimal performance, today and tomorrow –– one of the many reasons we have been providing solutions for more than 25 years. When serviced and maintained as recommended, IMEDCO packages provide RF shielding that ensures equipment performs from the day of turnover throughout the life of your MR equipment.

Choosing IMEDCO America is a smart investment in the future of your imaging center. Professional service and expert support is our trademark. And, we back all this up with the best warranties in the industry. Learn more at our website <> or call us today 317.773.8500.

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