Service should be at the core of your shielding provider’s mindset – at the foundation of their approach before, during and after product selection and purchase. The MRI shielding team needs to be knowledgeable, efficient and, above all, excellent communicators.

The Iso-center IME_Isocenter_logo_white. The critical reference point. It’s not just the starting point for your MRI suite design and construction. It is also the way you should be viewed by every consultant, provider, contractor, and service resource involved in your MRI suite project.


Why should you think about post-installation service now? Cost. Often, the focus is so intense on the initial phases of an MRI project, future support may not even be considered. Post-installation repairs to solve RF leakage and reduce noise disturbance result in MR equipment downtime and lost revenue.

In fact, regular MRI shield maintenance is critical to preserving the quality of the imaging environment and your sanity. Testing, maintenance, inspection and repair services can make the difference between productivity and chaos.

Imaging directors have many responsibilities. A malfunctioning MRI suite can bring your operations to a halt. Regular site check-ups maintain the integrity of the MRI environment and prevent issues with noise, magnetic field containment, radio-frequency interference and ferrous metal detection.

Knowing your MRI environment is safe and fully operational means you can focus on efficient revenue generation – instead of unanticipated issues. Make sure your MRI shielding partner has the skill and expertise to diagnose and fix any post-installation issues.

When the needs and demands of the customer are fulfilled, they will spread the word. Ask around and get references from the vendors you are considering. The way a shielding vendor works with the larger team can be just as important as a shielding vendor’s technical skills.



We pride ourselves on the lifetime service of our installations. Our hallmarks are continuous communication and responsive service during the planning stages. In addition, prior to construction, we invest in extra visits to inspect conditions and ensure they are compliant to protect your MRI revenue today and tomorrow.

Choosing IMEDCO America is a smart investment in the future of your imaging center. Professional service and expert support is our trademark. And, we back all this up with the best warranties in the industry. Contact us today or call us at 317.773.8500.

It’s not just our logo. Our  IME_Isocenter_logo_black is you.

This is the fourth in a 4-part series focusing on the critical role that you, as an imaging director, play in successful MRI suite design and construction.